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Eligible Clients Now Have Cash Offer Access cash for Bend Relo Clients

Buying a home is a big decision, and just getting through the front door to the negotiation table requires buying power. In hot markets like Central Oregon’s, we’ve all heard the stories of multiple offers, bidding wars, and all-cash-offer-wins. These can be anxiety inducing to home buyers, and we know that not everyone has a nest egg to buy a home in Central Oregon all cash. 

Bend Relo is here to help. Our top producing agents have a pilot  program that can turn approved buyers into cash-offer-competitive buyers. As you know, the FRED Real Estate Group was recently acquired by Colorado-based West + Main Homes

As a part of this change, we’re now offering a new cash offer program through In this program, purchases homes with cash on behalf of the buyers it has approved for the loan. No other brokerage in town has access to it which gives Bend Relo clients a competitive advantage in the market. 

Home buyers who need a mortgage to purchase a home often end up offering significantly more than asking and must have all of the right contingencies in place, to even have their offer accepted. Still, they often lose to buyers who can afford to pay in cash. Bend Relo can change this home shopping narrative with their new cash-offer program. turns borrowers into cash buyers, so that they can win the right home, at the right price. 

The ability to make cash offers, at no additional cost, levels the playing field for Bend Relo clients, and makes buyers four times more likely to win. It’s no secret that sellers often prefer cash offers because of the certainty (and speed) that an all-cash deal provides. Sellers don’t want to worry about a more-traditional mortgage offer delaying closure, or falling through entirely. 

How does it work? First, like all home financing, this cash-offer program requires that home buyers are approved. Once approved, Bend Relo clients can shop, negotiate and work with their agents to write offers backed by the power of cash. Then, purchases the homes with cash, on behalf of the buyers it has approved for the loan, and sells the approved buyers the home at the exact same price purchased it for. Like any other lender, exclusively generates revenue from the loan. In order to pass along cost-per-loan savings to Bend Relo home buyers, their loan officers do not receive commissions based on your loan and there are no additional fees to work with them. Win-win. 

Buying a home is all about the details, both in financing and in the home itself (hardwood or laminate?), so let’s share a few of the financing details Bend Relo clients have been asking. 

  • Contingencies: cash offers have no appraisal or financing contingencies.
  • Negotiations: The buyer and their agent have control over negotiations and due diligence (including the inspection). 
  • Closing timeline: Knowing when you get the keys to your new home is an exciting milestone, and in traditional mortgage-based home purchases it can take…awhile. This process is faster, after purchases the home on behalf of the approved buyer, they look to complete the mortgage closing within two weeks maximum, and usually sooner. 

Whether you’re cash offer inquisitive, or want to submit a traditional financed offer through, contact your Bend Relo agent today to apply and get your questions answered. 

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