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Selling Your Bend Home Now

What You Need to Know to Get the Best Home Price

If you’re thinking about selling your Bend, Oregon home, you’ve likely heard the real estate buzz phrase, It’s a seller’s market. And absolutely, we at Bend Relo can confirm: it IS a hot-hot market for people selling a home in central Oregon, due to ever-increasing demand and record-low inventory. In real estate terms, a market is said to be neutral if there is six months of available inventory. The Bend area currently has only a few weeks of inventory, with more folks than ever looking to move to our fabulous location.

It’s a tremendous time to sell, and competition for homes is fierce, driving the price of available homes up. But that doesn’t mean all a seller has to do is put an ad on Craigslist. To get the full value of your home’s current worth, it pays to do your homework, and get a little help from the experts.

House checklist for selling

Most people, when they think about what needs to be done in order to sell their home, make a checklist with items including house cleaning and clutter control. These are important, sure, but a less obvious piece of prep is to get your disclosure document in order. This is a statement that outlines possible flaws in the property that the owners are aware of. A pre-curser to this document might also be a pre-sale inspection, which gives you a comprehensive heads up on the overall condition of the home, including trouble spots.

Fix the Big Stuff, but Don’t Get Carried Away

If that pre-sale inspection revealed a problem with the heating or cooling system, it’s best to go ahead and get it fixed. Not every so-called flaw needs your attention, though. Don’t break the budget on new carpet if all it really needs is a good professional deep cleaning.

It’s the Little Things

When you show your Bend area home, you want to put it in its best light, literally. Stock up on LED bulbs for all your lamps and fixtures to keep things looking as bright as can be. Swap out the hardware to give a fresh look to cabinetry. Consider doing a little painting if it’s been awhile since the walls got a new coat.

Choose a Real Estate Team

What does an experienced agent and real estate team offer that you can’t do yourself? Many, many things. First off, your Bend Relo agent can provide a home valuation, free of charge, that not only takes the home’s condition and assets, but also considers its value in relation to recent and comparable properties in the neighborhood. In other words, a good agent will help you land on the right asking price. What else? Our full-service agency can help with cleaning and staging, as well as provide professional photography, high quality video, and a focused marketing strategy.

Update 9/1/22:

Voted Best Brokerage in Bend!

Our brokerage, West + Main, was recently voted Best Brokerage in Bend by Source Weekly readers. We’re honored to have this unique distinction and would be happy to put our skills to work for you.

Know Your Options

A hot seller’s market can mean you have a little more bargaining room when it comes to your own move out plans. Talk to your agent about options regarding how to negotiate an occupant agreement that gives you a little more time after the sale to move out, if you need it.

In Bend’s current seller’s market, strong competition for available homes means you can probably look forward to multiple offers. This is great, and also potentially complicated. Your Bend Relo agent can help you assess and choose the best offer—that is, the one that offers the best price with the greatest likelihood of closing quickly and easily.

Get started with the Bend Relo Team.

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